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Regulators, we regulate any stealing of this property and we're damnnn good too. But you can't be any geek off the street, gotta be handy with the steel if you know what I mean, earn your keep.

I'm Nicholas, I'm 22, I'm a ~dumb frat boi~, I post a lot of selfies and never tag them, and I do a lot of high liveblogging.
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I have a sizeable vocabulary and reblog weird crap that sometimes doesn't even make sense to ME. I'm quite petite, and my favorite color is yellow. War goddamn Eagle.
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I'm awesome and hilarious and I talk way too much about my life on my tumblr instead of just reblogging shit. Also I have a rad as shit big bro who's got the prettiest girlfriend and mad style.
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Hey Jess!


maybe the real aesthetic was the friends we made along the way

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nick tagged me in that six selfies thing so hey, why not take a moment to appreciate me and my very important looks



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Also reveling in the fact that both mine and Holly’s lil six selfie posts are both getting lots of notes like hell yes it reaffirms that we truly are a powerful/v pretty couple

Also v sorry to everyone in the world for not giving Vampire Weekend a fair shake until fairly recently but I guess your opinion on a band changes for the better when you have the album playing when you’re having rly good sex

Not too eager to work a day shift tomorrow but then I’m done for the week and Thursday begins the start of a four day weekend of binge drinking and smoking and lots of quality time w/Holly and friends I haven’t seen since graduation